Restoration of Classic Motorcycles

The extent of the work all depends on what you want done to your old bike! If you simply want a daily driver, or if you prefer a beautiful restoration with modern upgrades, we can accommodate! Please contact us for a custom quote.

In addition to rebuilds, we also service packages such as oil changes, tire changes, winterization, basic tune-ups, complete tune-ups, and many other packages to suit your needs.

We also offer the following:

Basic Wash, Wax, and Polish

This is our basic detailing service which involves a complete cleaning of the entire motorcycle along with polishing and waxing all metal and paint surfaces.



Show Quality Detailing Service

This is the complete package. Includes a complete and thorough washing/degreasing/cleaning of all surfaces on the bike. We also touch up any paint chips, polish all metal surfaces, detail the engine, polish the aluminum, apply protectants to all surfaces, and apply polish, sealant, and wax to all painted surfaces. We’ll clean and protect your glass and plastics along with treat your valuable leather and vinyl surfaces as well. Your bike will literally be ready for a bike show!

$100 and up depending on condition of bike

Metal Polishing

Want your aluminum rims to really shine? Need that clutch cover buffed up? Scratch in your fork tube? We can do all types of aluminum polishing for your bike!

$25 and up depending on size and condition of part


Powder Coating

Want a custom colour powder coated onto a part? Have a rusty old bracket or side rail that you wish looked new again? We can strip old finishes and powder coat your part which gives it a very durable finish that lasts MUCH longer than paint ever could!

$10 and up depending on size and condition of part


Want some custom flames, skulls, or other work done to your gas tank, helmet, toolbox, or anything else? We can look at your custom project ideas and do you airbrush work!

Price depending on size and complexity


Parts and Accessories

Check out our online catalogue HERE or at

If you see something you like, send us an email or call us at 705-261-2603 and we’ll fix you up!

Full Colour Prints

We also specialize in full colour HDR prints of your motorcycle, classic car, or pretty much anything else you would like to have an everlasting memory of. We can do simple prints or even do full size photographs printed on canvas!

Prices start from $50

Contact us today for a custom quote.


We are proud to announce that we are now an official
 Corbin dealer!
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